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March 06, 2009


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If this is your grumpiest, you're doin' okay.

Joel Goodman

make Jimmy John's send you a free sandwich for taking so damn long!


And the real reason you are grumpy, I think, is because you have a profile pic that looks like it came out of the morgue. Just sayin'.

Jason Poe

I hope you have more beefs with Christian music than just delay ridden tones! My first beef is that the word Christian is noun not an adjective, so saying "Christian Music" is not even grammatically correct.

PS - I hope this comment is free of grammatical errors.

Jason Poe

ha ha, I did miss "Christian IS a noun" Figures.


Pehaps this has been asked and answered before...
I'm just wondering what is going on with the little stick figure beside "Title" on the board. It looks like someone with an ready to explode stomach about to be kicked by a bodyless animal paw.

I heard a bit of The Wildest Heart the other day. It's pretty sweet!


Hahaha I have to say, this is probably your best blog yet. For some reason, most bloggers get so much more creative when they're ticked off. I guess Jack Black on School of Rock was right: just find something that makes you mad, and write about it! :P

The acronym thing...too much. That had me in stitches for about 5 min. hahaha.

Love the Christmas lights!


yeah, I asked about the stick figure before and got no response... I still wonder, every time! *coughTHOMcough*

the board is filling out nicely!

so, no nicknames, then, huh? are you saying you don't like "F Bomb Thom"? ;p


ah! i'm listening to you track right now in the background as i read your blog. what a beautiful moment.

nate said you fellas tried the coffee today. hopefully it makes for a more 'awake' picture tomorrow. i was chatting with him when you guys went to track claps and i had to jet so i didn't get to end that conversations properly. sorry nate. and thanks for the shout out yesterday, i tried to post a comment but it doesn't look like it went through.

christian music? ah, ack, er, eh.....i remember the day i realized all christian artists were rip-offs. remember the apologetix stuff....ack!

love the christmas lights. the vibe is sexy now. it's funny to know the progression of things. i think i tuned in at just the right times. from where to get discount lights to West instead of East.

Brent gets more awesome everyday! Polytambo?!?!


I've sung in my church's worship band for ten years and not a week goes by that we don't add at least one new song that sounds like a low-quality rip-off of a famous song. This week we hit a strange one, with a song that sounds ripped off a number from "Beauty and the Beast."

But those recordings, invariably AWFUL.


I was telling Nate earlier but I really do think that Strut may very well become my favorite song of all time. It seriously does something to my soul everytime I hear it and it's not even done yet. Well done and keep up the good work!


Best nickname ever:


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