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March 07, 2009


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it's not quite your birthday here yet, but it is there, so - happy birthday, Thom! I hope you have a fantastic one :)

honestly, the chat is kind of dead without you. Nathan still stops by occasionally, though.

so much red on the board! what do the little green circles mean?


Thom, Hallie and I found a gift to send you for your birthday, but apparently TN does not allow alcohol to be shipped. So no cabernet sauvignon in a bottle with Elvis on it for you. But I did go out and have a drink or 2 in honor of your birthday. Or 3 or 4. Or maybe 2 too many. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!




In honor of your birthday, I hope your team wins.
Have a good one!


Happy birthday! Don't feel too old; my fiance is older than you are this year =P.


Hey Thom,
Happy Birthday man! This is Joel from NC. What a game today...classic. I've been lookin'for you in the chat stream. Wanted to let you know of 2 great Chapel Hill bands that are playin' a show together in Nashville tomorrow night (March 9). Roman Candle and The Old Ceremony. The lead singer's voice for Roman Candle is worth the price of admission and the instrumentation of The Old Ceremony is great too. You guys need a break and perhaps there will be some inspiration waiting for you there. Check 'em out at 12th and Porter tomorrow night.


fixing the six comments issue. happy 7.


Did I see TOC mentioned here? :)

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