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March 10, 2009


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Paul Colman! He is pretty cool . I met him twice though, for some reason, I blanked out the first time from memory. It wasn't bad, I just completely forgot it even though I sang the Canadian national anthem for him. You'd think something like that would stick with you.
The next time I met him the conversation went like this:
Paul- Haven't we met?
Me- erm. No I don't think so.
Paul- Yeah, yeah. We did! *pointing at me* When were were in Canada... with Scott Jackson at LIFE.
Me- Yeah. You guys were there. I remember you coming, but I don't think we met
Paul- I'm sure we did. Didn't you sing for me?
Me- oh... right!

And that's my Paul Colman story.
I hope he and his family are doing well.

I'm glad you got to talk faith and spirituality with him. It's really important to have those conversations regularly.


What! No cowbell!!!


Do you have your own CREEDAL STATEMENT or STATEMENT OF FAITH written out Thom?

If you don't and if you can't just share it without looking at it on paper or on a screen then....what do you think?


love the tambourine thing!

and! oh man. Paul effing Colman. everyone in the chat pretty much peed when he showed up. then Sarah and I reminisced about the Alabaster message board days... I still miss them! hard to believe it was going on seven years ago...

anyway... I met Paul (and the rest of the Trio) at Creation West '02. what a great bunch of guys. they complimented my friends and I on our accents, haha.

I have no idea what song you're working on right now, but I'm loving it.


As Hallie stated, it was definite treat to see Paul Colman. However, I'm not sure everyone peed as a result of his appearance. It might have been close...

Everything is sounding awesome. Can't wait to hear everything finished and on something other than my laptop speakers.

Joel Goodman

GARY LOURIS?!!! Wow. *jealous*


Oh, cool! I met Paul Colman once, when he came to my church in (you guessed it) 2005. We had a short conversation about The Darkness (the band). He talked about liking the song "Stay Away From My Woman" (I think that's what it's called anyway). It was by far the weirdest and most random conversation I've ever had with a fellow musician. After that the popular church people dragged him away because apparently the church band lead singer and the junior executive pastor (yes, that's what he's called) had more important things to say to him *rolls eyes*.

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