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March 17, 2009


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Joel Goodman

Dave Alan from BIG TENT REVIVAL??? :) THE Dave Alan?? :D

I love me a Leslie cab...


I once took part in one of those CD burns, and I've slowly been rebuilding what I lost sophomore year of high school ever since. Although, some of it was probably for the better to get rid of--no 15 year old girl was safe listening to Backstreet Boys.

I think I have an inkling as to who may be potentially doing the mixes for you guys--and let me tell you, I'm stoked as crap if that happens.

Hope SXSW treats you well =]


I love songs that well up Hallelujahs in my soul. I cannot wait for this record!

Will you be sending promo copies to this side of the 49? If you want, I'll make it my mission to track down the "movers and shakers" personally to get this stuff on air in Toronto. I'll hand them the cd face to face if it'll help.
And I'll ask our Rock MD too. He already agreed; just waiting for a record.

(I hate what commercial radio has become: too many consultants telling us what to do and play.)


Man am I gunna miss these days! Congrats on sealing the deal with your hero mixer man. I can't wait to hear the final product. T'was absolutely great to watch it happen this far. See you in Chicago!


If you cut "The Wildest Heart", you'll cut with it (into peices) the somewhat 'calmer hearts' of many fans of your band.


Youth Pastor Thom loves Mountain Dew and giant foam cowboy hats. He is my favorite!

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