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August 08, 2009


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Mairin Heard

Let's just say some of us cannot wait until the new album. I'm glad you're trip went well, overall. :)


Aw, yay. I'm glad you had a good time out in South Dakota. For the record, I've seen those Pioneer Auto Show signs, and I have never the P and i as a B. But maybe that's because I know what they say already?

SD's a good place though. While you were in Murdo, did anyone tell you the fun fact that they had to move the time zone line because it used to run through the middle of town, and so bars that closed at 1:00 would be open an hour later on the MTN time zone side. So they had to move the line over so that bars could have equal business. I'm also surprised that Murdo was the closest place you could find.


I'd really love to go back to the Badlands someday. I effing love that place.

And man. I'm so excited for this album. a;lskjdfl;ajksldkjf


Can't wait for the new album. I'll be sure to post the widget on my blog.


Hahahah the multiple puns in the paragraph about the Pioneer auto show made me laugh like crazy. If there's one thing you'll never lack in your blogs, it's a good sense of humor.

Also: I love Elliott Smith! Definitely my main musical influence so far. What do you think of his stuff? We must discuss this sometime :). And I just watched Good Will Hunting today too. Bizarre.


Saw the show in Nashville last night. You guys rock - no surprise there. I can't wait for the new record. Keep on rockin'!

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