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February 24, 2009


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Marky Mark

Love the blog. Keep posting. Send me songs. I want. I desire. I need. OOOH

Joel Goodman

mmmmm Jimmy John's...

and Ricky Gervais.


I enjoyed what I saw of the session last night. I'll have to tune in earlier because I ended up staying up far too late watching.

The mic thing probably explains why the drum part (on The Little Ways) sounded so harsh. I felt like it was missing a rish sound and now realise it might just be the mic losing that bottom end.

I'm loving the song titles! I cannot wait for this album. When promoting it, please come to Toronto (because I'm in need of a good Elms rock show). Maybe if I give CBC the album, the musicians/hosts there will latch on to to it and bring you up for a show.

Nathan Walker

Besides the studio, I've only heard one of these songs!!! No "World Will End"??? :( :(


These songs are already recorded:

-The Shake
-Back To Indiana
-This Is How The World Will End
-Bring A Little Love To My Door

So that's why they're not on the list.


That whiteboard is awesome! Very cool idea!

I loved what I got to see of your recording yesterday.

Favorite quote from yesterday: "84!? You know it's not like a punk rock song!?"

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