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February 25, 2009


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Whomever grows the worst beard has to shave his eyebrows.


The chat room would not work for me all of yesterday; kept saying it was 'loading' or 'reloading'or "Connecting (security)" no matter what computer or browser I used.

I did hear some of the UGAF and I'm loving it. I missed Country Fair but now my interest in piqued! I want to hear that one!

How do you guys feel knowing there are some 30 people watching at any given time? Do you hold back on conversation at all?

Do you feel like the some of the magic of the album, people pressing play and hearing the creations for the first time; do you feel like some of that might be lost? Or do you think us being able to see the process maks it more special for the listener at the end?

Also, the Grammar Police would like to say it's "Owen, Chris and me" not "I" ;)

Joel Goodman

Quit whining about no one commenting!


Nice pic of flat steve! I never knew he had Elvis sketched on him. His first nickname makes more sense now.


Nate's got beard skillz, yo.

the sound is definitely better.

um... this is why I don't comment. I can never think of anything to say. but you've got a quota to fill so... ;)

Fred Miller

I like the blog thom. I've been watching the live feed all day. it's gotten me through a boring work day.


You want comments, but then you want comments you actually LIKE. Picky, picky.


Those look like caught-in-the-wee-hours, celebrity mug shots.


I'm loving the number of songs... how are you guys liking Nashville? Ya'll should check out Noshville...

The stuff I have heard sounds great...

P.S. The show at 12th and Porter was great the other day!!! Keep it up!


County Fair sounds great. I'm enjoying the chatroom, too. In all honestly, I get a kick out of the anonymity.

The beards rule. That picture of Nate reminds of my Dad's gay cat. (In a good way...?)

Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of life in the studio. We appreciate the entertainment and education!

♥ LL


I am enjoying the chat. A bit too much at times. It has become all consuming. I might need to attend a 12 step meeting to overcome my "addiction." (By admitting that, I think I just accomplished step 1.)

The songs are rocking. I look forward to August, when I can have this album in my hands.

Keep up the good work!


the chat is way cool! Its great to watch you guys do what you do!

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