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February 26, 2009


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I've sent the info to some music nerds at CBC, our national broadcaster that actually appreciates good music.
Given that a lot of them are actually musicians, they might not find the process as interesting as the rest of us. But maybe they'll bite, tune in and hear the stellar tunes. Then you might get a call from the great Jian. ;)

I loved what I heard of Country Fair. Nice work.

Joel Goodman

Glad we got that guitar/amp stuff sorted out.


Yay social media.

brandon p.

The streaming audio really has been a lot better over the past two days.
Have we seen this Les Paul Deluxe before? I like the idea of a Thom D. solo doubled.


The solo yesterday for "Dog Days" was really kick ass, and I loved hearing you guys working through some of the "County Fair" stuff.

and I've pimped the stream a bit :)


I definitely agree that I would trust information much more if it came from someone I knew, which is why I'm telling practically everyone I know about this awesome new record you're making, and especially about the live streaming process, since it's such a progressive idea.


If you are okay with looking like a terrorist on this blog, then I am too. Just please don't mention my name when the feds come for you, k?

I'm listening to you play acoustic at the moment and I'm smiling!


lucky number seven.


i like the pics of the progress board. oh, and the ones of your scruffy faces.

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