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February 27, 2009


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Joel Goodman

man... i wish I could just spend my life in a chat room... Wait. No I don't. But I do wish someone was recording this to make a highlights video :)


I now feel like my life is missing something not having heard Owen 'going all Prince on you'. le sigh.

Last night, I was wondering if the stream is being saved somewhere. Is it? Because that would make a fun extra: put a montage of clips from the studio. The Owen/ Prince one would be gold!

What's a B3 player?

Finally, I know I've said this twice before, but I was super impressed with Owen's low tones on The Little Ways. Has he sung that low and sustained on anything you've done before? It sounds new to me. He is a wonderful vocalist. Funny, I'm sure he told me once that he didn't necessarily want to be a vocalist.

Nathan Walker

I wish I hadn't been busy so I could have heard some little ways.

Matt Robnson

I really like the old greg comments under the photos... the mighty boosh rules! lol


Oh man...I can't believe I missed that Owen moment. Being sick and falling asleep at 8 p.m. every night sucks :(


p.s. I have that t-shirt that Andrew is wearing! =D


Comment #7, for Mr. Daugherty's OCD.

I was having a bad day yesterday and Owen's Prince piece lifted my spirits. So, thank you to Owen!


aw, man. I commented from my phone but it didn't go through, I guess.

anyway. I'd been having a pretty crappy week, but Owen doing the whole Prince thing definitely made it suck less! I'm glad having no life made it possible for me to see that. :P

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