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March 01, 2009


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Wow... just hypothetically, if someone broke into that room and stole all its contents, how much would all the amps, guitars, etc. be worth? Just hypothetically... I mean, say it was a homeless woman with 10 diseased African children and she really needed a Les Paul... how many thousands are we talking??? ;)


"The people in the next room over sounded like they were having a really good time for quite awhile (until about 5:30AM.) These walls are thin. Glad their bedposts didn't punch a hole through."

oh man. you poor thing.


Glad you finally got some rest; you guys were beginning to look pretty exhausted. Although, like Hallie said, I am sorry to hear of what you had to hear, haha.

Nice amps and guitars. The Goldtop is so awesome. I can't get over that, no matter how many times I see it. I don't know much about amps, but they all look pretty cool, especially the Orange ^_^;


Do the Es beside the check marks mean "excellent"?


Hey Thom. Great superblog. Honestly though, aside from the musician porn I think my favorite pic so far is that one of you with that smirk on your scruffy face! I was falling in love with Strut during the webcast today. Here's to hoping that you work on County Fair again, just so I can hear it again. I seriously can't wait to get this album on vinyl. I think Wildest Heart, slow and smooth, would sound ridiculously awesome on vinyl. Thanks again for the post. k-<><


Is Douche Rock an official genre, then?

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