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March 01, 2009


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about time, dude. oh wait, sympathy. almost forgot.

that's cool about the mic thing with Owen. I was wondering tonight, since he was moving around too much for it to be the usual setup. I was just a bit confused.

Nathan is definitely kicking your ass in the beard growing non-competition.

also, what's with the little stick figure on the white board?

Jordan Singleton

As an audiophile, I am actually quite pleased to hear Owen was singing into a 57. I often like to try that and other drum mics on vocals. But don't tell anyone. It's my little audio engineering secret. :)


It really is the perfect mic, isn't it. We've got all of these expensive ribbon mics here in the studio, but when we shoot them out against the 57, the 57 beats them 99% of the time. And it costs less than $100!

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