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September 27, 2009


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congrats! I'm really happy for you guys.

I love the acoustic album. I think it's an awesome idea and I know you worked really hard on it. so thank YOU. :)

I think TGAM is insanely good and it's really fun to listen to (although I think that's the case for all your guys' albums). especially with the songs I got to watch you guys record, because I have memories attached to them and already fell in love with them.

and ugh. LA is heartbreakingly close, but still a thousand miles away from me. (I consider anything on/near the west coast 'close,' haha).

sigh. I will see you guys some day, though! even if I have to save up and fly. I've been waiting for about seven years. it'll happen eventually, right? right? haha.

ps: I think you only used 'thank you' three times by the time you commented on overusing it (and then made it five).

... good god, I'm rambly. shutting up now, sorry.


Perfect fall music? "The Trials of Van Occupanther" by Midlake, and "Leaves in the River" by Sea Wolf.

By the way, I love that you guys included "Lily" after all.



I have been eagerly awaiting this album since I first followed along with you guys in the studio. Needless to say, it's incredible. I haven't seen you guys perform live since...well...since The Riot Room in Kansas City. I look forward to hitting you guys up in Chicago November 21 with my best pal Mitch. Perhaps you guys could bring in "The Faithful" for that show?? Pretty please??

Thanks much for all you guys do. Fantastic music, and especially the blogs/updates on how things are going. It's definitely refreshing to have a kick-ass band that is humble enough to stay in touch with their fans. You guys truly are exceptional.


Happy me to you too! Hahaha. Oh, I'm a horrible person.

Nick Drake, older Radiohead stuff and (yes, I know you despise him) Sufjan Stevens are fall favorites of mine, and I love Iron and Wine, Bob Dylan and Elliott Smith year-round, though I agree Elliott Smith seems especially appropriate in fall for some reason.

Also, I agree with Sylvia on the Midlake, though I prefer the "Bamnan and Silvercork" and the "Milkmaid Grand Army" albums over "Van Occupanther".

So I'm going to see you in Austin while I visit some friends there, and then I'm going to see your show in Houston when I go back a few days later. I'm starting to feel like a groupie, hahaha.

I still unfortunately have not gotten my hands on a copy of your new album, but as soon as I am no longer broke, I plan to.



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